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Recurring Medication Supply Service


If you or any of your family member (father or mother) is on recurring medication therapy and will require long term continuous replenishment of medicines, then we can be of service to you at no extra charge, but rather, you get a 10% discount after the first purchase

1.  Why Our Recurring Medication Service

a)  Inconsistent Medication Supply

If you have been negatively affected by inconsistencies in your medicine supplies as a result of your medication brand running out and becoming unavailable in the market, then you need our services. We have put in place what it takes to source and maintain your stock of your prescription medication so we can help you sustain your prescription refill for as long as you will require.

b)  Substandard Products

It is very important to have reputable source for the supply of your medication. Substandard and fake drugs have grave consequences, to remain confident of your supplies and not be a victim of fake medicines, our service comes in handy. We have established the supply chain that is capable of sourcing genuine medicine for your doctor's prescription.

c)  You Need the Peace of Mind

Our recurring medicine supplies will give you the peace of mind which is an important and needed psychological state required to assist with your medical therapy and healing process. You do not have to bother about HOW and WHERE to refill your prescription medication. We have you covered.

d)  Maintain Your Parent's Medication Supply

You may have elderly parents who are on continuous medication and they live in the country-side or your home town where the class of medication are not often stocked, then our recurring mediation supply services is what you need. If you need to be sure of the medication supplies to your parents, then you have nothing to worry about, we can handle that for you even if they are far away from you. Remember, elder people required daily supplementation of their dietary needs.

2. How Does It Work? 

When you set and request for the recurring medicine supply in respect of a given product, our 10% discount takes into effect after the first purchase. After your request is made, we make committed effort to ensure we source genuine and best-in-quality of your prescription medication and maintain adequate stock which you will continually purchase at 10% discount.

We have varying recurring supply cycle ranging from one week to one month (30 days). At the completion of every cycle, our system sends you an automated notification via email to remind to repurchase your medication which is at 10% discount. On receipt of your order, we dispatch immediately for delivery to your desired address.

3. Can I Cancel the Recurring Medication Supply Service?

Yes, you have the choice to opt out of the recurring payment subscription at any time. All you need to do is to go to your “My Account” page of our Online Pharmacy & Drugstore (www.m-medix.com). Login and carry out the necessary changes.



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